New Review Round-Up

A quick round-up of some of the great press we’ve been getting for “Accomplish Jazz”…

‘Music and More’ 01/07/10, Tim Niland

“Big, brawny, modern jazz…creative and arousing music that was played in an exciting manner.”

‘Step Tempest’ 01/05/10, Richard B. Kamins

“The music is spacious and swinging, occasionally raucous and hard-edged with solos that push at the boundaries of the songs…I like how this music can be so quiet yet so intense.”

‘All About Jazz’ 01/03/09, Raul d’Gama Rose

“Lundbom wears [his] almost childlike wonder as a rather thin mask, belying a graceful sophistication that marks an apparent determination to go beyond the mere skin of sound…To do this and make music that is so on-the-mark as far as tone and color goes is quite an achievement…’Accomplish Jazz’ may be the album that takes Lundbom & Big Five Chord to the next level, one that moves beyond the realm of experimentation into music that is distinct and shows a clear sense of direction in the swelling flood of the new avant-garde…”

‘Something Else!’ 01/03/10, Pico

“Accomplish Jazz accomplishes the kind of loose, rocking avant-jazz that few other than Jon Lundbom is capable of producing.”

‘Lucid Culture’ 12/23/09

“Great headphone music for anyone who’s just closed down the bar but needs more of the night.”

‘The Province’ 12/22/09, Stuart Derdeyn

“Five fine songs from a young, dynamic band…Grade: B”

‘Shepherd Express’ (& ‘Express Milwaukee’) 12/22/09, David Luhrssen

‘’ (‘Ottawa Citizen’) 12/07/09, Peter Hum

‘Jazz Prospecting’ 12/07/09, Tom Hull (B+ Review)