Erik Otis, ‘Sound Colour Vibration’ 09/30/12

“Lundbom is a guitarist whose compositions are powerful…channeling a violent approach to the guitar that is very hard to achieve. His knowledge of the fretboard is extensively grounded in many areas and the rest of his band falls right in line around him… Lundbom dismantles the guitar and rebuilds it into something completely brand new. It’s this type of diversion of the free jazz idiom that gives this album such a personal and unique feel. [‘The Other Third One’] is heavy as can be and it’s as if they captured the weight of a completely different genre around the fundamental musings of free jazz. JL&BVC are some of the best around and they have captured a state of energy that very few achieve with primarily acoustic instruments. No New Tunes is for the serious appreciator of next level sounds and top form musicianship. It’s also for those who love a big kick start in the morning and for those who love to flirt on the edge of beauty and insanity. This record smokes.”

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