Dave Wayne, ‘All About Jazz’ 02/23/13

“Certainly not straight-ahead jazz, decidedly not fusion, and not really free-jazz either, guitarist/composer Jon Lundbom and his [sic] Big Five Chord have taken a decidedly idiosyncratic path that simultaneously eschews and embraces all of these sub-genres, while largely rejecting their collective stylistic baggage. This judiciously iconoclastic individualism is what one can expect from Lundbom… [Lundbom] is a wildly unpredictable and aggressive soloist. Occasionally there’s a soup├žon of Scofield’s bluesy phrasing, something especially evident on ‘The Bad! Thing.’ The frantic rapid fire stutters and manic strumming on ‘Talent for Surrender’ brings edgier players such as James Blood Ulmer and Sonny Sharrock to mind. On ‘The Other Third One,’ Lundbom waxes both brainy and raucous… ‘No New Tunes’ virtually crackles with excitement and, well, newness.”

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