Bob Gendron, ‘Downbeat’ April 2014

“[‘Liverevil’] teems with elevated levels of bold intensity, imagination, prowess and playing… Anchored by Lundbom’s Olympic-caliber guitar gymnastics…the group’s coordinated performances are as notable for what’s present as much as for what isn’t – namely, any loss of direction, lack of focus or temptation to solo at the expense of sacrificing structural integrity. As the finest improvisers often do, the instrumentalists here make controlled chaos seem natural, while simultaneously paying mind to the illusion that anything can happen next – meaning that every stray note and subtle tempo shift matters …The ‘punk jazz’ label occasionally affixed to the ensemble seemingly overlooks its tonal authoritativeness and way with quiet passages (“Tick·Dog”‘) that trace a direct line back to the exotic beauty of Miles Davis’ ‘In A Silent Way.'”

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