Esteban Arizpe Castañeda, ‘El Intruso’ 05/31/14

In translation by Kelley Smilkstein…
“Lundbom belongs to that category of guitarists that distinguishes itself from the rest by a search much more concerned about expressing ones own voice than in demonstrating versatility. This quality, unfortunately much less common than it should be, means that everything he plays on his instrument has meaning and allows his sound at all times to have the conviction and honesty of someone who appears to be fulfilling a personal desire through his music. The fresh style that characterizes him as a guitarist is reflected with similar clarity in his role as composer, making it appear that labels that are supposedly applicable to the styles presented (those being in broad strokes jazz, rock or fusion) are relegated against a resolve with which he expresses compositionally those that he likes and that identify him in musical terms. And, by the way, these ideas have found a natural and ideal way to be manifested in his band…Big Five Chord, with ‘Liverevil,’ reaches its peak in its evolution as a band and ratifies the talent and true creativity of its leader. Highly recommended.”

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