CJ Bond, ‘JazMuzic.com’ 03/30/15

“Lundbom is an inveterate seeker; artistically discerning; an astute composer, intently focused with burning creative energy: a highly accomplished guitarist with a finely calibrated sense of destiny who knows how he wants his music to sound; and is able get his creative imagination to respond in kind. …[Big Five Chord] reveals a stunning continuum of bruising, unequaled, rock-hard free jazz from Lundbom’s permanently fierce guitar performances; pushing the demons in improvisational spontaneity and addictive free expression out in the open with piercing clarity. …[Lundbom] is ‘le monstre de free bop.’ He has firm control over power, influence, turbulence and chaos in free bop; urgent conditions starkly reflected in the fascinating and intimate effects of Lundbom’s exploration through the rugged, undulating terrain of ‘Jeremiah’s’ improvisational line. …Whatever the future, Jon Lundbom and Big Five Chord will always be nakedly innovative and unpredictably explosive; but never dull.”

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