Mike Shanley, ‘Shanley on Music’ 08/14/15

“By now, guitarist Jon Lundbom should be getting more extensive attention. …Lundbom plays and writes like a guy who’s digested a lot of different styles and can draw on them easily without being too obvious or referential with them. …[BVC fits] into Lundbom’s vision where strong post-bop melodies and rich voicings co-mingle with solos that aren’t afraid to kick up a cloud of dust. …A jazz pundit (I honestly don’t remember who) once said that Kind of Blue is a great place to start listening to jazz not only because of the program, but because everyone who played on that album went on to different things on their own, making it easy to discover more about jazz. The same thing can be said about all of the names on ‘Jeremiah.’ …Everyone here is cutting new paths for modern improvisation. …Lundbom is a really dynamic leader and catalyst. His time has come. Jump on this bandwagon.”

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