Josef Woodard, ‘Jazziz’ 07/06/15

“On ‘The Bottle’…Lundbom wriggles and swaggers with his own brand of fretwork lingo…a sly storytelling character shines throughout the solo, along with a signature mix of assertion and probity, lined with a restless wit. …[BVC’s] rumbling spirit and drive to adventure are fully engaged. Experimental at heart, and possessing an elastic notion of structure and idiom, the band’s approach can feel like an extended hang on a gnarled, suspended five chord, teasingly hinting at a resolution which may or may not end where expected. …Lundbom occasionally pushes forward into the soloist mix, his harmonically cerebral yet rockishly visceral style ablaze. …The crackling energy of a band that’s at once confident and evolving.”

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