George Fendel, ‘Jazzscene’ (Jazz Society of Oregon) August 2010

“This is free jazz with structure, compositional jazz with freedom, fusion with modern classical. There’s room for everyone in this setup, and considering the players, this one leans slightly more melodic, even though it often ends up punching through the layers. These musicians like to push the limit. …certainly a disc that will get some listeners excited about the future of jazz.”

Dave Wayne, ‘’ 04/20/10

“Lundbom and his group do more than ‘Accomplish Jazz’ they find a nice sunny spot in it, and then roll around, find a nice comfy place, and make themselves right at home… [‘Truncheon’] gives the listener a look into [Lundbom’s] highly original style. Here, Lundbom seems to eschew electronic effects in favor of unexpected harmonic and rhythmic departures, sounding a bit like a hybrid of Blood Ulmer, Sonny Sharrock, and John Scofield… ‘Accomplish Jazz’ is an incredibly impressive third release from a deliriously talented group.”

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Mike Shanley, ‘shanleyonmusic’ 03/10/10

“Lundbom is an intriguing composer and an even more idiosyncratic guitar player, writing songs that have wonderfully odd melodic quirks and playing solos with a tone that wouldn’t be out of place in country music. Good country music.  …[Lundbom’s] crisp execution is spellbinding.  …Since [‘Accomplish Jazz’] came out in December, it’s still eligible to wind up on 2010 year end lists, where it clearly belongs.”

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Dr. Matt Warnock, ‘Guitar International’ 02/10/10

“Few modern-jazz guitarists today are able to blend harmonic, melodic and structural ambiguity with such a cohesive voice as Lundbom achieves in his compositions… Lundbom’s guitar solos, like his compositions, will challenge the listener to think differently about the instrument and the genre…highly creative and inventive solos… A genre defying, barrier pushing album.”

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Mark Corroto, ‘All About Jazz’ 12/19/09

“They [the new young lions] intend to grab jazz by the lapel and shake it with extreme prejudice. A prime example of the new young lions is the band Big Five Chord, the creation of guitarist Jon Lundbom…Lundbom creates music that is neither fusion, jazz core, nor rock. It is pure jazz with rock attitude…Lundbom’s writing presents a skewed perspective and a dissonant swing that pieces together Ornette Coleman’s harmolodics and an incessant pulse…Yes, Big Five Chord do accomplish jazz; a very new jazz.”

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